"Betel" Works

Walking Pilgrimage of the World of Weak Persons to Jasna Góra (Częstochowa) (1996-)

World Day of the Sick (2001-)

Hot Hearts’ Cup Speedway Tournament (2002-2010)

"Ecce Homo" Academy (2002-)

Stabat Mater Dolorosa Meetings (2005-)

Iuxta Crucem Tecum Stare Meetings (2005-)

Volunteer Group in Ivano Frankivsk (2007-2010)

"Betel" stand during the “Christmas Alley” Fair in Częstochowa (15-23.12.2007-)

Betel Gallery in Częstochowa (2008-)

Artistic Gallery of the Disabled (2010-)

Clothes sorting room (2011-)

Cultural events


May Holidays

Christmas wafer meetings (1996-2004)

Pilgrimage and Tourist Movement for Disabled People, Their Families and Friends - Czestochowa (1996-2000)

Academic Charity Club - Czestochowa (1997-1999)

"Help for the Needy" Group - Czestochowa (1998-1999)

Sports events (2000-2006)

Family Integration Picnic (2001-2004)

"Culture - Art - Sport - Charity" Group - Czestochowa (2001-2005)

Great Charity Ball (2002-2007)

Movement for Support of Children and Youth from Rural Areas - Dzieraznia (2002-2006)

Voluntary Work Centre - Czestochowa (12.2002-05.2003)

Scholarship Council for Rural and Deprived Communities (2003-2006)

Lithuanian Scholarship College for Voluntary Workers Education (2004-2007)

Volunteer Group in Lviv (2006-2007)

Kosovo (2006-2007)