Federations of Communities of Meeting

Generally, the Federation gathers families with disabled children and their friends. There are also integration communities, in which both disabled and healthy young people participate. There are also communities of the elderly. All of them meet regularly, once or twice a month or more frequently. Each community has its own annual programme with the Christmas and Easter meeting, Santa Claus day, Children's Day, Mother's Day, common outings, bonfires etc. The centre of many of those meetings is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

"God's Children" Community - Czestochowa (1988-)

St. Francis Community - Wielun (1996-)

St. Faustina Community - Radomsko (1997-)

St. Fr. Pio Community - Dzialoszyn (1999-)

Moominvalley Community - Czestochowa (2000-)

Community of Meeting - Myszkow (2000-)

Community of Meeting - Krzepice (2001-)

Baby Jesus Community - Pajeczno (2001-2007; 2012-)

Community of Meeting - Zawiercie (02.2016)

Community of People with Motor Disabilities - Czestochowa (1997-1998)

Merciful Jesus Community - Kobyłka (Warsaw) (02.2006-09.2006)

Mazovian Charity Association (02.2006-09.2006)

Podhale Charity Association "Betel" (2006-2007)

Community of Meeting – Blachownia (2006)