"Betel" Constitution

Andrzej Kalinowski

2017-11-03 11:32:09

The Constitution is a document defining the program, structure and nature of activities of the communities gathered in the "Betel" Movement. It serves for proper functioning of the Movement. It is given to individuals and groups to raise their awareness of the ideas of "Betel" and to increase their involvement in the Movement.

I Aims

1. Spiritual growth and development through the communion of weakness.

2. Mutual enrichment by discovering one's own limitations and weaknesses.

3. Creation of strong ties between healthy people and those limited by their dependence on other people.

4. Creation of strong ties between the weak, their families and friends.

5. Responsible assistance to the weak and the poor.1

6. Creation of the life environment where disabled people could live and function on their own level in spite of their limitations.

7. Conscious and responsible building of the civilization of love.

8. Tangible contribution to creation of the world of eternal values.

II Methods of activity

1. Life in communion with the weak and the poor.

2. Adoration of the weak and the poor.

3. Initiating and leading groups, organizations and communities gathering people needing help, their families and friends.

4. Establishing communities of life e.g. disabled peoples' homes, foster families.

5. Coordination of activities of all communities.

6. Creating and strengthening ties between individual groups, organizations and communities.

7. Promoting the "Betel" spirituality.

8. Promoting the presence of "Betel" communities in the life of local communities.

9. Help to the needy within communities.

10. Carrying out business activities.

11. Promoting integration and charity initiatives.

III Members and friends

1. Members of "Betel" are:
a) all people living in the communities of life,
b) all people working in particular groups, organizations and communities,
c) all participants in particular groups, being in the community for more than three months.

2. Friends of "Betel" are:
a) people supporting activities of the communities,
b) former community participants,
c) neighbours of permanent communities,
d) families of the individuals responsible for the communities.

3. Participants in "Betel" are everyone wanting to discover themselves through the communion of weakness.

IV The Responsible

1. The Responsible are individuals appointed to co-ordinate activities in particular groups, organizations, communities.

2. Every responsibility is accepted in the spirit of service and co-operation with a view to the good of the weak and the poor who are in the heart of all communities.

3. The Responsible shall be:
- open,
- trusting,
- caring.

4. The ministry of the Responsible shall ensure the unity and peace in the community.

5. The Responsible is a representative of "Betel" before the state government and local government agencies and church administration and other kind of local administrations.

6. All the Responsible take care of proper functioning and development of particular groups, organizations and communities.

7. The Responsible shall arrange for pastoral care for the community and shall co-operate with the chaplain - and the psychologist as well - on the ongoing basis.

8. Candidates for the position of the Responsible General are appointed or approved by the "Betel" General Council upon agreement with the Council of the particular Community.

9. In exceptional circumstances the Responsible may be revoked by the "Betel" General Council.

10. The term of office of the Responsible shall comply with the Rules, of particular communities, groups and organizations.

V Principles of operation

1. The "Betel" General Conventions are held at least every two years.

2. "Betel" has its own charter, statutes and individual rules approved by ordinary majority of votes by the "Betel" Council.

3. Each community has its own rules (charter, statutes), approved by the "Betel" General Council.

4. The "Betel" General Council:
a) supervises the routine work of all community,
b) coordinates activities of all communities, groups and organizations,
c) initiates and approves all communities, groups and organizations of "Betel",
d) unites all of intentions as a whole,
e) initiates and undoes particular works and campaigns,
f) approves and appoints by ordinary majority of votes the Responsible General (Co-ordinators) of particular communities, groups and organizations,
g) directs all of the "Betel" works,
h) resolves internal disputes within communities, groups and organizations,
i) protects the regular development of "Betel".

5. The"Betel" General Council consists of 3 - 5 members and is elected by the Movement Council for the term of two years.

6. The Responsible General (Chairman) is elected by ordinary majority of votes from the "Betel" General Council in secret voting for the term of two years.

7. Decisions of the"Betel" General Council are taken by ordinary majority of votes. In case of equal number of votes, the final decision is made by the Responsible General (The Chairman) of "Betel".

8. The Central Board of "Betel" meets at least twice a year.

VI The "Betel" Council

1. The "Betel" Council is the authority deciding on the character of the Movement, directions of its activity and prospects of development. The executive power is exercised by the "Betel" General Council.

2. The "Betel" Council consists of: General Co-ordinators - Representatives of each groups, communities, works; National Co-ordinators.

3. Members of the "Betel" Council meet at least once in two years.

4. Decisions of the "Betel" Council are taken by ordinary majority of votes.

VII Spiritual dimension

1. The entire "Betel" movement has the communal character. Inspired by the message of the Gospel it's built on basis of the Catholic Church and base activity on Its teaching.

2. The Movement does not reject people of other religions or atheists. It wants to develop in the spirit of ecumenism.

3. The unity and peace is ensured by the weak and the poor people.

4. In the activity of other religion groups, communities and organizations - like islam, judaism - spirituality is affected from the individual faith, wich members are naturally in.

5. In the centre of each group, irresspective of religion and ideology, there is a poor and weak person, who unites all of the cultures and religions.

6. The Membres of groups and communities of "Betel" live in the society and share the hardships of everyday life with the wounded, revealing in their presence the timeless dimension of loving heart.

7. All communities of "Betel" create strong interpersonal links, arouse the dignity, sacredness the sainthood of existence, and the significant role of the poor and the weak in the society.

8. In the centre of each group, irresspective of religion and ideology, there is a poor and weak person, who is the love challenge for everybody and the chance for contemporary world.

9. Every group and community is the challenge of moral rise in closeness and unity of weakness and poorness.

10. The patroness of the Movement is Our Lady of Czestochowa.


1) The terms "poor" and "weak" complementarily define the groups of people whom "Betel" wants to serve: disabled and sick people, also: seniors, single mothers, children and youth which are negligent or from orphanage, homeless and jobless, addicted people, immigrants and refugees, violence victims, war and armed conflict victims.

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