We invite and encourage you to engage in voluntary work in Addis Ababa – the capital of Ethiopia

2018-04-24 23:00:48

Voluntary work in Africa is a beautiful and touching experience, but requires some period of time to be committed. The biggest challenge for a voluntary worker is to leave his/her place of permanent residence for some time. In Africa there are hundreds of voluntary workers from all countries, but there are still too few of them. The needs are huge!

By responding to others’ needs, each voluntary worker discovers new areas he/she has never had an opportunity to learn about. We invite you to take the adventure of discovering Africa, people and yourself. We believe this is a worthwhile and even necessary experience. Be brave – there is nothing great to fear!

You can become a voluntary worker of “Betel” in Ethiopia regardless of your age, marital status or nationality: both unmarried persons, marriages, whole families and consecrated persons are welcome.

Voluntary workers will be delegated by us to work with five disabled children in our home.

Voluntary workers will be welcomed in our house in order to work with different diseble children.

Their work will consist of:
organizing children's daily activities,
maintaing high higenyc standards by supervising the permanent working staff.

If you are seriously determined, please fill in the voluntary worker questionnaire and send it together with an application for voluntary work in Ethiopia to: .

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